QYKM 自动印刷开槽模切机

QYKM 自动印刷开槽模切机

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QYKM 自动印刷开槽模切机


· 整台机器按照高要求,可靠性功能而设计制造,整机操作人性化设计,能在短时间内进行设定、修正、执行、更换、并以精确数据显示。

· 所有传动辊材质均为优质钢,镀硬铬,表面研磨。

· 传动齿轮采用优质合金钢,经热处理,研磨而成。

· 主要传动轴采用免键连接,减少连接间隙,保证印刷套印精度

• 机油自动平衡装置,保持各单元油面平衡。

• 前缘式进纸方式。

• 网辊;可选用金属网辊或陶瓷网纹辊,网辊线数可根据用户要求选择。

Main featrues:

• Designed According the high request and the reliable function,the operation of the machine is humanization,can accomplish the setting,revision, implement, replacing and memories function in a shot time,and display with a exact data.

• All the drive rollers adopted high quality steel materials,hard chromium plating and the surface treated by lapping finish.

• The drive gears adopt high quality alloy steel,after heat treatment and lapping finish.

• The main drive roller adopt keyless connect,decrease the connection gap, guarantee the printing presicion.

• Lubricate oil automatic balance device,keep the equal oil level equal in each unit.

• Use sun feeder for feed the cardboard.

• Customer can chose use steel anilox roller or ceramic roller,the lines of the anilox roller ac so can be chosed accord the customer use




· 进纸前缘定位,调控风量。

· 增加薄纸板及翘曲纸板传送稳定性。

· 增速更平稳。

· Lead edge register, adjusting suction.

· Special design for te thin sheet.

· Speed up smoothly.



· 印刷相位,电脑及电动数显调控。

· 网纹辊匀量刮墨,印刷品质更佳。

· 相位固定装置,气动车机构。

· Circumferential register is motorized adjust with digital display.

· Anilox roll doctor ink evenly to make perfect print.

· Circumference poistion fix device, electromagnetic clutch breaker.



· 模切压力间隙手动调整。

· 胶垫辊自动横移游动装置。

· 进口快换式胶垫、耐磨耗。

· 速差补偿系统,确保线速一致性,保障精度。

· 胶垫磨削机构,延长胶垫使用寿命,降低消耗。

· Die-cutting pressure gap is motorized adjust.

· Setting displacement measure device for anvil roll.

· Quick change over rubber anvil, good wear-ability.

· Speed difference compensation system make line speed be synchronization, it can ensure die cutting precise.